Denny Bertrand

Somewhere Outwest: In the Middle of Nowhere              Amazon Print

Red Dashboard LLC Publications presents the third book in a trilogy: Somewhere Outwest- In The Middle Of Nowhere. It follows Petey and Cecil in their misadventures, and after Petey and Cecil and On The Ranch. Follow these two cowpokes as they hem and haw their way through ranch life, and give the girls over at The Cafe a hard time. This one is gonna leave you laughing even harder! His 1st in the trilogy, Petey and Cecil, won him a 2016 Silver Will Rogers Medallion, so take a look!


Somewhere Out West: On A Ranch                                           Amazon Print

Red Dashboard LLC once again presents Denny Bertrand’s series, Somewhere Outwest, after Petey and Cecil, he’s now presenting us with On A Ranch. After Petey’s and Cecil’s fun shenanigans, they’re on another adventure that is sure to make us all laugh more than the first time.

Somewhere Out West: Petey and Cecil                                   Amazon Print