Denny Bertrand


This non-fiction of sorts tells the story of one of Colorado’s infamous sale barns. Stories as told to the author of its rich history in Salida, CO. Denny Bertrand continues to use his humor and wit as in his other books.

The Mis – Adventures of Petey and Cecil

The Mis – Adventures of Petey and Cecil, they were the best of buddies in grade school and on up, but they were prone to trouble. No matter playing marbles to bailing hay, they found a way to get in a bit of a mess. Don’t question their being cowboys, ’cause they will let you know straight away they live the true rural cowboy way…

Somewhere Outwest: The Trilogy

This book is about Petey McGuillicuddy, the grandson of an Irish immigrant whose Grandad came to America from Ireland. He settled in the western ranch country, along with his buddy, Cecil, a man of Mexican-Comanche descent. Together they cowboy for a Grazing Association, in a wide open mountain park. Now some parts may be true and some not, that’s up to you to decide. And all names have been changed to protect the guilty, but not the innocent. And as you read you will get to know some of the characters, like Barb and Alice at the community café, across the road Ray runs a Mercantile. Then there’s a neighbor, a rancher Red, and his cowboy Wayne. There are more—Sheep rancher, Jim, and out of state wheat farmers, Ed and Dick. At The Association there is a Cow-boss, Buster, and his son Dan, along with Dave and Jim, then Petey and Cecil. You will probably notice as you read along that there are no last names, or towns, counties or states. So in a way you could call this book a mystery. Also you may say, “Hey that reminds me of so and so.” It’s only fair to warn you that if you want a book with cussing, killing, drinking or sex. then this is not the one for you. I have Grandkids, and sure want them to read and enjoy the book. I hope you do too!

Publishers Note: The next three are shorter stories, Denny’s original flash fiction; easy to read and clean good western fun for the kids. For all family members! The first two books were winners of The Will Rogers Medallion Award, 1016 & 2017.  We are hoping for a 3rd!

Somewhere Outwest: In the Middle of Nowhere

Red Dashboard LLC Publications presents the third book in a trilogy: Somewhere Outwest- In The Middle Of Nowhere. It follows Petey and Cecil in their misadventures, and after Petey and Cecil and On The Ranch. Follow these two cowpokes as they hem and haw their way through ranch life, and give the girls over at The Cafe a hard time. This one is gonna leave you laughing even harder! His 1st in the trilogy, Petey and Cecil, won him a 2016 Silver Will Rogers Medallion, so take a look!

Somewhere Outwest: On A Ranch

Red Dashboard LLC once again presents Denny Bertrand’s series, Somewhere Outwest, after Petey and Cecil, he’s now presenting us with On A Ranch. After Petey’s and Cecil’s fun shenanigans, they’re on another adventure that is sure to make us all laugh more than the first time.

Somewhere Outwest: Petey and Cecil


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