Ryan Torres

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Ryan Torres represents all the traditions of the best poets. He writes in his singular signature voice – gently lifted, generous and kind in the humility of beauty and splendor. He presents gifts of human interaction – wonder, kindness, care, and giving. He gives us beauty and brutal truth letter by letter, word by word; cracked into the permanent record that is the poem. Torres tells it EXACTLY how it is.

—John J. McKenna, Author of Sessions.

Torres’ poetry reads like the sharp sting of a whiskey shot. They are framed moments in sharp definition. Reading his poetry is like viewing a private life through a smoke stained mirror; the object having no idea that they are being observed. It gives the viewer the true essence of our shared humanity.

—Daniel Stephens, Author of Surfacing.


“Poetry is the love that came out of countless horror stories.” That’s how Ryan Torres got his start with the written word. He was just a kid with an overactive imagination and an obsession with the poetry and horror stories at his local library. Torres, A Kutztown University of Pennsylvania graduate, still spends a lot of time scaring the hell out of himself in order to conjure his story ideas. But he also chases the muse by finding poetry in romantic spontaneity. His poetic voice is inspired by the realists, the freethinkers, and the lost souls. Ryan is a member of the great New Hope Beat Poets Society in New Hope, Pennsylvania. He also operates the blog “Screams of Perfected Madness” (www.ryanjtorres.blogspot.com). Aside from creative writing endeavors, Ryan Torres is also a freelance journalist, teacher, and editor. He has been published both nationally and internationally. Currently, Torres resides outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a creepy house with his wife, Katie, and their dog, Salem.