Darren Stein

The Nut House Poems                                                                        Amazon Print

Whether we build any walls of sticks and mud, stone, possibly glass, then are placed behind them with or without lock and key, it’s the conditions we create for ourselves as mental illness sufferers that make it inhabitable for however long it is needed to find some sanity within. Medication is important, but must go hand in hand with our creativity and others support. Darren Stein explores his mind’s condition, other’s reactions, how the world perceives crazy, and touches on suicide. His ‘Nut House’ is visionary—live within a world that’s fractured, broken into misty, shards of rain. Where you are expected to pick yourself up and walk barefoot through the pane. ~ Elizabeth Akin Stelling, editor Red Dashboard author, My South By Southwest: …Recollection
Darren Stein was born in South Africa in 1973, and upon completing university, worked in the Education and Human Rights field in the townships surrounding Johannesburg. After meeting his Australian wife, he immigrated to Sydney in 1996, and now teaches History and Comparative Religion at a college on Sydney’s North Shore. Darren has suffered from Bipolar depression for most of his adult life, but was only accurately diagnosed two years ago.