Kate Hart Nardone

Pieces of an Abstract Hart

A poet shares and exhales the ins and outs of life. Kate exposes her inner-self through a collection of poems that highlights the transition and growth from  adolescence to womanhood.

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Kate is a 35-year-old wife and mother of four. Originally from Millville, N.J., Kate was raised by parents who loved God and each other, and who set a wonderful example of integrity and compassion to her and her sister Megan growing up. Kate attended a private Christian school from K-12, where she entered and placed in several writing competitions. She then attended Cumberland County College where she met her mentor and now friend, Professor Kevin McGarvey, who helped Kate truly recognize the talent and passion she had for poetry and writing. She later went on to receive her Certification in the Mastery of the Works of Walt Whitman from Harvard University in 2014. An active member of the Glasstown Art District in Millville since 2012, Kate owned and operated her first art studio in 2013 at the Village on High. She attributes her progress as painter and writer to the unique community of artists that have become her daily support  in all things that are dear to her heart. Terrified of public speaking for years, Kate’s first public poetry readings took place in 2012 at Bogarts Books and Café, a place adored by Kate and vital to her involvement as a poet. She overcame her fears, and thanks the members of Poetry on High for pushing her off the cliff of self-doubt and allowing her to free fall into self- acceptance and transparency. It gave her freedom. This book is Kate’s first publication.