Collections of poems and flash fiction from various authors inspired by our e-zines Cowboy Poetry Press,  Z Composition and Annapurna. The third collection stemmed from the managing editor’s own personal theme.

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Clarify II from Annapurna Magazine                                         Amazon Print

Red Dashboard LLC Publications and Annapurna Magazine is happy to add this anthology of literary-recipe-cookbook to our catalog– Devour this book. The recipe instructions evoke senti-mental feelings of home; they are honest, warming, and familiar, like chicken soup on a snowy day. Powerful, humorous language engages the reader, language like “To minimize dirty dishes, eat right out of the pot with utensil of your choice” and “The beer cannot be purchased, but must be received from forces beyond your control.” Clearly written by expert chefs, the re-cipes are precise and accessible to all readers. This book is full of romance, so much love in the enticing language of food. A literary-recipe (cookbook) work of art!

Clarify II Book Cover - Copy

Freedom Chevalier
Cheryl Pearce
Aaron Glover
Laurie Lambert
Barry Gross
Marion Deutsche Cohen
Leroy Trussell
Ryan Lee
John Berry
Erin Locks
Andrea Wyatt
Tyson West
Heather Banks
Anne Tammel
Susan Spalt
Rosalyn Marhatta
Patricia Williams

Guest Editors–

Andrew Jarvis
Derrick Paulson
Lois Loysk

Clarify from Annapurna Magazine                                              Amazon Print
This anthology is a collection of moments and memories–Verses rest on the page like tasty morsels of divine goodness that for a twinkling takes us beyond meager words subject to intellectual interference and directly immerse us in emotion; in being, in the quintessence of Humanity. From the whimsical to a dirge the editors have assembled a compilation that speaks to every person because everyone, in one form or another, knows food. (more inside) ~ Michael Fenster, M.D., F.A.C.C., FSCA&I, PEMBA, and Chef, author Eating Well, Living Better
Table of Contents


Rebirth At Anapurna Mountain                    Maroula Blades

Sidecar                                                                          J.D. DeHart

The Recommendation                                         Joshua Gray

Squash and the Summerhouse                       Tyson West

Those Who Ask For Salsa                                   Arthur Medrano

Eating Fractals                                                         Richard K. Perkins III

Fallow Passion Fruit                                             A Collaborative Renga by

Tyson West,   Derrick Paulson,    Elizabeth Akin Stelling

To A Chicken Found In The Farm Freezer            Deborah Polikoff

Shark                                                                            Kyle Flak

Fish Sticks                                                                 K. Twaddle

November Nights                                                 Matthew Wilson

Banquet In The Sky                                              Heather M. Browne

After “In Other Words”                                     Judith Skillman

Bar Tragedy                                                              Aftab Yusuf Shaikh

Ode To Cannery Row                                          Thomas Piekarski

An Aromatic Bulb That Shall Remain Nameless Maelina Ann Frattaroli

The Perfect Match                                                Gayathri Jayakumar

Rendering The Fruit                                             Patricia Esposito

Dinner Couplets                                                     Anne Tammel

Strong Medicine                                                    Dennis J Bernstein

Onions                                                                         Gene Goldfarb

Don’t Eat The Potatoes                                     Joshua Gray

Weeping In Paradise                                           Collin Dodds

Cabritos Cocinar                                                   Leroy Trussell

Queenie                                                                      Lauren Wilkie

Dawn                                                                            Kyle Flak

Autumnal Rites                                                       For The Restaurant

Critic In The Family                                              Elizabeth Akin Stelling

Casavecchia                                                             John Ronan

Pelican                                                                         M.V. Montgomery

Food Pyramid                                                          Louie Marvin

Much Depends On Dinner                               Deborah Polikoff

Scallop And The Orange Sky                           dl mattila

Hominy Grits                                                          Shelby Stephenson

With Slice                                                                 A.J. Hoffman

Sipping Lorca                                                          Molly Middleton Meyer

The Butcher Says                                                Andrew Jarvis

Lean Misery                                                          Nicholas Larche


Heartbeats                                                          Teresa Trent

Fast Food                                                             Matthew Wilson

The Lioness And The Firefighters Wife  Sandra Sue

Oma Rottcapchan’s Soup                             Kerry E.B. Black


Strange Frenzies                                                                                    Amazon Print

Many tales have figured prominently in the folklore of cultures around the world. These tales have intrigued us and are timeless, but many had yet to be written, until now. If you have a yen for tales of spirits who return from the dead to haunt the places they left behind, know that zombies are not the only thing housed in the walls of Z-composition. But if you have a taste for human flesh, all the better… Cover to cover, the anthology is full of fine work by fine writers: Prairie L. Markussen · Will Dixon · Rehan Qayoom · Art Heifetz · J.D. DeHart · Gary McGrew · Colin James · John Ronan Andrea Blythe · Marcus Goodyear · Rosalyn Marhatta · John Grey · Ryan Lee · David Marston · Bret Hamilton · Harold Bond · Elena Botts · Julia Slaughter · Marty Cohen · Terry Scott Niebeling · Ink – Andrew Feindt · Mike Jurkovic · Howard Winn · Neil Ellman · Lois Slove Losyk · Boris Zubry · Matthew Antonio · Kevin Grey · Freedom Chevaller · Tom Larsen · Bryan Miller · Dex Raven · Katrina Lebeau · Lisa Kristel · G Emil Reutter · Winnie Khaw · Laura Hamilton · Bill Plank Denny Marshall · Chris Ridenour

StrangeFrenzies_front StrangeFrenzies_back

Table of Contents


Nine Ideals
Alicia, Ingrid
Weary World
A Famous Student
The Zombie and the Cheese
The Purse
Comfort at Last
Rely On the Spider
Dancing With the Moon Man
Life With the Impalers
What He Walks In
Goodbye Note
Thieves On the Road
Rhonda’s Rotten Exes
To An Absent Muse
Life With the Greystones
December, 3 AM
On Duty
Zombie Sonnet
Fetching Water
Imagining the worst at the
Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives
Bruised Hyacinth
Pay Attention
The Patron Saints Of Cannibals
End Of Days
My City, My Dreams


Chopin And Piano
Anthony’s Haunted Teeth
The Disinterested, Bored, and Lonely
The Sounds
Mary Had A Big, Bad Wolf
The Eternal Sunshine
of a Zombie Mind
A Date For Dinner
The Bereaved Heirs

Strange Frenzies II                                                                                Amazon Print

Many tales have figured prominently in the folklore of cultures around the world. These tales have intrigued us and are timeless, but many had yet to be written, until now. If you have a yen for tales of spirits who return from the dead to haunt the places they left behind, know that zombies are not the only thing housed in the walls of Z-composition. But if you have a taste for human flesh, all the better…

StrangeFrenziesII_front StrangeFrenziesII_back_

Amazon Print

The legend of the Old West still lives on today in the quintessential characters of the American frontier: Native American peoples, and cowboys and cowgirls with their horses and gear. Cover to cover, the anthology is full of fine work by fine writers.: Clark Crouch · C.B. Anderson · Tony Magistrale · Julia Klatt Singer · Debra Meyer · Al Ortolani · Alison L. Thalhammer · Nina Romano · Telly McGaha · Tyson West · Rodney Nelson · Larry Spotted Crow Mann · Ray Sharp · Nicole Yurcaba · Tom Sheehan · Lily Goderstad · Kevin Heaton · Greg T. Miraglia · Chrystal Berche · Linda M. Hasselstrom · Dawn Schout · Luke MacLean · Vera Constantineau · Chris Ridenour · John J. Brugaletta · Leroy Trussell · Andrew Jarvis · Bandon Black · Robert Krenz · Christopher Ackerman · Andy Kerr-Wilson · Geoff (Poppa Mac) Mackay · John Strickland · Courtney Leigh Jameson · Della West · Smokey Culver · Merle Grabhorn · Elaine Shea · Jack Phillip · Lowe Laura · Jean Schneider · Stanley M. Noah · Henry Marchand Robert Penven · Julia R. Barrett · Paul Piatkowski · Gary Ives · Nathaniel Towers · M.V. Montgomery · JD DeHart

Unbridled_front Unbridled_back

Table of Contents

In Low Mountains Near the Border
Between Arizona and New Mexico
Recent Death in the Back of a Pickup Truck
In The Fields
The Quest
Relics On Boot Hill
Desert Mind
A Lacy Victorian Valentine
Bell Crossing
Who We Are
Under An August Moon
Imagining My Father
In Texas, 1960
The Old Cowpoke On His Porch
Glance Bandit
Hang Man
Storm Of Humanity
Coyote Song
Farmboy’s Love
Narrow Wire
The Uncollected Works
Of Billy The Kid
The Cowboy Cad
January In Central Missouri
Oregon Trail

Nasty Nick &
The Bankers Kinfolk
The Bear Comes Forth
Way Back
“Cowgirl’s Factory Blues”
The Collector
The Ballad Of
The Dashing Skywayman
The Horse Myths
Savor The Night
The One That Got Away
Adrift, On A Horse
Behind The Grease Paint
The Heroes
Ambling With My Companion
Find Myself A Cowboy
Old Horses And Dogs
“My Dream Tucson”
Death Rides Into Town
Meeting Up At Earl’s
Long May You Run
Three Shots In Paradise
The Ballad of Rufus Harts


Jesse James, Vincent van Gogh
And Robert Ford
Trail Work
The Sawtooth Rider
Natural Born Horse Woman
All That Becomes Ash
The Inlaw

Unbridled II                                                                                               Amazon Print












Disorder                                                                                                      Amazon Print Cover to cover, the anthology is full of fine work by fine writers and their take on mental illness, it covers a wide range of mental illness and disorders: Alan Jankowski · Lois Slove Losyk · Joshua Gray · David McLean · Sarah Thursday · Les Merton · Eric Mattson · John Saunders · David W. Landrum · Lynn Hoffman · C.L. Bledsoe · Shari LeKane-Yentumi · Mab Jones · Susan Spalt · Daniel N. Flanagan · Nancy Scott · Lynn Brearley · J. Lewis · Erica Gross · P.C. Vandall · Abigail Wyatt · MD Marcus · Diana Smith Bolton · Tyler Tsay · Lora Keller · Jesi Bender · Anj Marth · Darren Stein · Jason Patti · Anne Russell · Thom Brucie · Heather M. Browne · Gloria Garfunkel · Jessie Valentin Stephen Futral · Audrey Haney · Michael Baca · Shelby Stephenson · Meg Eden Kuyatt · Molly Middleton Meyer Disorder_front Disorder_back Table of Contents   POETRY Of Two Minds Mental Illness The Impeccable Dead I Am Gigamesh The Sound of Hooves The Secret Charlie Love Associates Hot Pepper Salsa The Edge of the Ledge White Sandals What Kind of Person The Curse Avalanche Therapy The Bitter to the Sweet Cloudbursts Garden Bipolar Advice (For a Drifter and Disorder) Suicide Plan #3 Distortion Pics Dementia Insight After Midnight The Crusade The Night Ship When You Love A Suffering Child Avocado Green Kitchen With A Gold Accented Childhood #4 Your Face More than Others’ Faces Superstition The Wisp Stewing You Cannot Live Here Anymore Skin As Thick As Walruses Ballerina Deadlines Stem The Bent Dementia One Last Drink Act One Clotho, Lachesis, And Atropos Last Supper With My Father She Seeps FLASH FICTION A Small Apocalypse Old Newspaper NON-FICTION Moments Jenga Hypomania Reflections of a Failed Suicide  dis·or·der II: Mental Illness and its Affect (influence)      Amazon Print

Anthology Collection- dis*or*der noun: disorder 1. a state of confusion. “tiresome days of mess and disorder” synonyms: untidiness, disorderliness, mess, disarray, chaos, confusion, and more. Mental disorder, also called a mental illness or psychiatric disorder is a mental or behavioral pattern or anomaly that causes either suffering or an impaired ability to function in ordinary life (disability), and which is not developmentally or socially normative. Mental disorders are generally defined by a combination of how a person feels, acts, thinks, or perceives. May include: ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, OCD, and other disorders Our second volume of mental illness poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction is back–work worth reading!
disorder_II_front disorder_II_back