Molly M. Meyer

Echo of Bones                                                                                          Amazon Print

A new voice emerges from Lesley University’s MFA program, and it’s a strong voice, with precise diction, sharp imagery, and deep figurations. Molly Meyer’s stories expose our life-and-death struggle with the corruption of our bodies and souls, the corruption that time, disease, and the maliciousness of human societies wreak upon us. Poetry lovers are in for a very good night of reading with this collection—and hopefully more “echoes” to come from Ms. Meyer. —Tom Lombardo, author of What Bends Us Blue and The Name of This Game


Molly Middleton Meyer is an acclaimed poet and the founder of Dallas-based, Mind’s Eye Poetry. She works with dementia patients using a facilitation method that stimulates memories and imagination, empowering those for whom so much is being lost. Middleton Meyer has garnered nationally media attention as she challenges societal attitudes about the capabilities of those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease. She received her MFA from Lesley University in 2014. Author’s Link:

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