Grant Guy

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There Was a Farmer’s Wife

Fully illustrated by Grant Guy who took a classic children’s story and gave it a new twist.

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Blues for the Mustang

The Life and Lies of Calamity Jane


In the Old West there were not individuals,
only characters. Calamity Jane was certainly
a character. For multiple generations she is
an icon because she is fluid. She can be modeled
into anything we want her to be… In Hollywood
she was depicted by the likes of
Jane Alexander, Doris Day, and Francis Farmer.
Her whole life, as she crafted and reinvented,
were lies she manufactured.

Researching Calamity Jane, to find the truth
about her, uncovered were truths that could
spawn more lies, and truths that sounded like lies.
Both, lies and truth were incorporated into this book.

Martha Jane Cannary
“Calamity Jane”
May 1, 1852-August 1, 1903

Bus Stop Bus Stop           


BUS STOP BUS STOP is a rolling confessional of prose poems and written portraits of saints and sinners, of human compassion and human intolerance seen through the eyes of a singular transcontinental bus passenger.

On The Bright Side Of Down