Reynald Arthur Perry

Divine Wreckage                                                                                              Amazon 

Love and war, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, gods and mortals collide in a sprawling galactic adventure. “Divine Wreckage marks the debut of one of the strongest new voices in science fiction.” —Scott Chabala “Perry’s ability to engage an audience whether poetry, flash fiction, fantasy, and in this case Science fiction, you come away wanting more of his work!” —Bonnie Parker Ridge, author of The Cult of Domisticity, forthcoming Red Dashboard LLC Publications

Reynald Arthur Perry is a native of southern New Jersey, born in Vineland, and currently resides in Millville. He is twice over a graduate of Rutgers University, with a BA in English and History from Rutgers College in New Brunswick, 1993 and an MA in English from Rutgers Graduate School in Camden, 2008. Since 2002, he has taught English at Vineland High School, from which he graduated in 1988 and has taught for Fairleigh-Dickinson’s Community College Partnership Program at Cumberland and Gloucester County Colleges.