An Intern-al Perspective

When I first joined the Red Dashboard team, I had little knowledge of what I was in for.

I was introduced by a long strand of chance meetings through people I never expected to know, let alone come to know as something of a second family. Even as the newbie, I have never felt so instantly welcomed into a group of such diverse, talented, and inspiring people. They have each taken me under their wing in a different way to bring me forward and give me my own voice. On October 7th, at Caddyshack Bar and Grille, I attended my first WAMPP event as a host. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the artists I had heard so much about since joining, and watch their performances as they brought their poetry to life. Along with some new faces, and the women from the Plainsboro Library, we captured the attention of not only our audience, but even many of the regulars at the bar, who turned to listen and applauded with the rest of us. I got up to read, very briefly, during the open mic portion at the end of the night. Afterwards, several of us gathered back home for a little after-party celebration, with drinks, laughs, and nibbles. I very much look forward to our next event, and I hope to see more of you there!

I’ll be updating regularly, so stay tuned to see what the Red Dashboard girls are up to.

With love,

Crystal <3