Lois Losyk

Etched From The Heart                                                                     Amazon Print

Red Dashboard LLC Publications presents a first poetry chapbook collection by Lois Slove Losyk– In Etched On The Heart, Lois Slove Losyk recovers the primal beauty of liveliness, for every poem is a hymn to love. Taking memories of making mud pies, for example, the poet creates another world of play and beginnings, holding love in her heart and mind, both inner and outer reality, the secret revealed: “the full moon hangs low /to get a better look at / our good fortune to be alive.” “Seduce me”: “Show me your smarts / and you’ll capture my heart.” To read these poems is to hear lovers pass the supreme test of humanity. ~ Shelby Stephenson, Poet Laureate of North Carolina, and author of Elegies for Small Game
Lois Slove Losyk grew up on Miami Beach a few blocks from the ocean where she discovered nature, first love, and loss of innocence. Teenage angst provoked her to write poetry and short stories before being distracted by marriage, career, and the demands of life. She has one son, and currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her husband of thirty-six years. After retiring as a paralegal and business administrator, her muse elbowed her hard, and she obeyed. Lois’ poetry has been published in numerous print and on-line journals, magazines and newspapers. She feels that poetry dares us to feel by nudging our souls when they have nodded off, and breathes fresh air into our hearts