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A Red Dashboard LLC Publication–In the untamed lands of the Old West, mystery and excitement were not for the weak heart’d; it wasn’t always a bright sunny day to take on the journeys ahead. Men and Women, and children rode the hardened trails through harsh winters, barren desserts, and still found their hunger was strong as ever, for adventure and a new life. Within this book many in today’s modern life find writing about a life from the past still has adventure. Cowboy poets keep the oral traditions alive—from riding the trails, pasture to pasture, as the herd graze, doggies and horses alike with the breeze across their backs, give satisfaction to the ranch hands and readers alike. Follow the chuck-wagons as they follow, keeping a hot pot of coffee ready; biscuits, eggs, bacon, and beans rise up on the morning air. Tie up your bed-roll, and mount the steed, who are pals to their riders. Come and journey with us as writers and poets keep the Old Wild West live and kickin’. —Editing staff, Red Dashboard LLC Publications Cowboy Poetry Press (cowboypoetrypress.com) Winner, 2015 Western Writers Award Winner, 2016 Will Rogers Medallion Award

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The legend of the Old West still lives on today in the quintessential characters of the American frontier: Native American peoples, and cowboys and cowgirls with their horses and gear. Cover to cover, the anthology is full of fine work by fine writers.: Clark Crouch · C.B. Anderson · Tony Magistrale · Julia Klatt Singer · Debra Meyer · Al Ortolani · Alison L. Thalhammer · Nina Romano · Telly McGaha · Tyson West · Rodney Nelson · Larry Spotted Crow Mann · Ray Sharp · Nicole Yurcaba · Tom Sheehan · Lily Goderstad · Kevin Heaton · Greg T. Miraglia · Chrystal Berche · Linda M. Hasselstrom · Dawn Schout · Luke MacLean · Vera Constantineau · Chris Ridenour · John J. Brugaletta · Leroy Trussell · Andrew Jarvis · Bandon Black · Robert Krenz · Christopher Ackerman · Andy Kerr-Wilson · Geoff (Poppa Mac) Mackay · John Strickland · Courtney Leigh Jameson · Della West · Smokey Culver · Merle Grabhorn · Elaine Shea · Jack Phillip · Lowe Laura · Jean Schneider · Stanley M. Noah · Henry Marchand Robert Penven · Julia R. Barrett · Paul Piatkowski · Gary Ives · Nathaniel Towers · M.V. Montgomery · JD DeHart

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Table of Contents

In Low Mountains Near the Border
Between Arizona and New Mexico
Recent Death in the Back of a Pickup Truck
In The Fields
The Quest
Relics On Boot Hill
Desert Mind
A Lacy Victorian Valentine
Bell Crossing
Who We Are
Under An August Moon
Imagining My Father
In Texas, 1960
The Old Cowpoke On His Porch
Glance Bandit
Hang Man
Storm Of Humanity
Coyote Song
Farmboy’s Love
Narrow Wire
The Uncollected Works
Of Billy The Kid
The Cowboy Cad
January In Central Missouri
Oregon Trail

Nasty Nick &
The Bankers Kinfolk
The Bear Comes Forth
Way Back
“Cowgirl’s Factory Blues”
The Collector
The Ballad Of
The Dashing Skywayman
The Horse Myths
Savor The Night
The One That Got Away
Adrift, On A Horse
Behind The Grease Paint
The Heroes
Ambling With My Companion
Find Myself A Cowboy
Old Horses And Dogs
“My Dream Tucson”
Death Rides Into Town
Meeting Up At Earl’s
Long May You Run
Three Shots In Paradise
The Ballad of Rufus Harts


Jesse James, Vincent van Gogh
And Robert Ford
Trail Work
The Sawtooth Rider
Natural Born Horse Woman
All That Becomes Ash
The Inlaw

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