Marion Deutsche Cohen

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Inner life and light begin at birth and doesn’t end until death—In Lights I Have Loved Marion Cohen writes about certain special lights in her life, as well as darks, from her first memory to one of her latest. Her lights mingle with the lights of others, uniting in our common sense of wonder. Come join our mathematician and poet within these pages, as she keeps her eyes peeled for curious.


Marion Deutsche Cohen is a mathematician, math prof, and the author of 23 books, including two memoirs— The latest memoir is Still the End: Memoir of a Nursing Home Wife. She teaches math and writing at Arcadia University in Glenside PA, where she has developed the course, Truth and Beauty: Mathematics in Literature, and is working on developing the course Alternating Currents: Societal Issues on the College Campus, where she will use, in lieu of a text, articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education. Other interests are classical piano, singing, Scrabble, thrift-shopping, ethnic food, four grown children, and five grands, including twins. Her website is: