J.D. DeHart

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Ordinary objects take on a new form, and myths become real and move next door in the verses contained in this collection.  Whether it is a recasting of the myth of Sisyphus, or the titular truth about the origin of our shell-bearing planet dwellers, each poem offers a new view of an old friend.  Much of the writing was inspired by the comic books and science fiction stories that filled his youth, J.D. DeHart draws on concepts beyond the scope of the real world, and cast firmly in the supernatural—

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JD DeHart’s new poetry chapbook, The Truth About Snails, is a mini-vacation. If you’d like to get away for a half an hour or so, this is your ticket. The poems are short, witty, imaginative and easy-to-read. They will take you on a splendid journey to a land full of wonder, humor, and delight – a charming land where the weather is always warm.

                            -Firestone Feinberg, editor, Verse-Virtual.

JD DeHart is an English teacher and writer. His work has appeared in Z-Composition, Bewildering Stories, The Commonline Journal, The Literary Yard, Garden Gnome Publications’ first Biblical Legends Anthology, and Eye On Life Magazine, among others. His blog is www.jddehart.blogspot.com