J.W. Edwards

Wild Fire on the Brazos                                                                     Amazon Print

Texas long horn trail boss Dusty Plains, sat rabbit still in the saddle sniffing the air. The herd was only sixty miles east of Austin where they had moved out of four days earlier. His brain continued to flip through long ago scent memories like a clerk searching for a certain file among the thousands stored in a cabinet. Suddenly the file was found… “Wild fire!” He shouted.


Sunset Gold Canyon                               Amazon Print

The small town of Strawberry, nestled within the high plains in a small valley surrounded by pine covered mountains in the Arizona territory holds secrets of gold. It will cause a handful of men more trouble than it might be worth. A shootout might be the price you pay to bring it down off Sunset Canyon.

SunsetGoldCanyon_front      SunsetGoldCanyon_back


JW Edwards writes from his small horse ranch in the lonely Sonoran desert in Arizona His roots are firmly established in the Old West; with ancestors like Idaho’s last working Mountain man, LaFelle “Trap” Edwards, and famous western pioneer-explorer, Jacob Hamblin, along the family tree. It is no small wonder that the author knits the rich history of the mythic and real Old West in his stories. You can find more of him here: http://campfireshadows.com/