Heather M Browne

Directions of Folding                                                                           Amazon Print

Most of us tend to live our lives day to day. We approach this shared journey as a linear progression from beginning to end—from our first steps and words to our last breath and touch. Still, there are those spaces in time when we perceive life to be more than today—more than just a string of all our yesterdays. We become profoundly aware of a vertical axis intersecting the plane of our existence. Below the surface and beyond the horizon we become profoundly aware of the sacred and the eternal. The author explores these realms in this collection.
Dr. Heather M. Browne is a faith-based psychotherapist and recently emerged poet. She has been published in numerous publications, and won the Nantucket Poetry Competition and was a semi-finalist in Casey Shay chapbook competition. Widowed just two months from her love of 24 years, she lives with her two amazing teens, and can be found frolicking in the waves. This is her first collection. Follow her: www.thehealedheart.net